The Science of Society

How can we use social science to better society?

Society invests a great deal of money in social science research. Surely the expectation is that some of it will be useful not only for understanding ourselves and the societies we live in but also for changing them? This is certainly the hope of the very active evidence-based policy and practice movement, which is heavily endorsed in the UK both by the last Labour Government and by the current Coalition Government. But we still do not know how to use the results of social science in order to improve society. This has to change, and soon.

Last year the UK launched an extensive – and expensive – new What Works Network that, as the Government

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Ed Gibney 7 December 2014

Have you read the book "Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change" by social psychologist Timothy Wilson. I think this answers exactly the call you are making. I enjoyed it and am thinking how to use it.