Surviving the cult of climate doom

William Blake and the apostles of the apocalypse

Alarming news – from climate disaster to populist politics – can be paralysing. Doom-laden journalism may use the language of science, but it echoes apocalypse-crazed religious prophets. It tyrannises with despair. The Romantic poet William Blake lived through an age of upheaval remarkably like our own. His revolutionary politics of hope and openness offer a more energizing way to respond to chaos and disaster, suggests Timothy Morton.

Timothy Morton's new book, Hell: In Search of a Christian Ecology, finds comfort and inspiration in William Blake, the radical Romantic writer.


 1. Losing Your Mind in Terrible Times? William Blake Has an App for That

You can sound like an ancient prophet of the end of the world – take your pick: from the Norse Ragnarok to the Kaliyuga to the Christian apocalypse, there a

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