The 10% matter along with the 1%

Anxiety and wealth harm us all

The top 1% have been an easy political punching bag and scapegoat for our modern political problems. However, the top 10% are equally if not more responsible for the multiple crises within which we live. Marcos Gonzalez Hernando and Gerry Mitchell argue we need to rethink inequality if we are to solve political problems in this article based off their recent book Uncomfortably Off published by Bristol University Press.


Since at least 2008, elites seem to have been behind everything that is wrong fuelling populism of all stars and stripes. But who exactly are the elite? For most of us, the elite is a shorthand for the 1% with the most income (and/or wealth). Bankers, billionaires, Goldman Sachs, Elon Musk. The kind of people whose economic reality and worries are completely different to ours.

However, if inequality is to be reduced, a broader group must be engaged with. In our recent book,

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