The Code of the Cosmos

Is information the foundation of the universe?

Information has come to play an increasingly fundamental role in our lives during the last few decades: billions of computers are now interconnected over the world, and our technology – and hence our survival and well-being – crucially rely on them.

It is much harder to argue that information plays a role in fundamental physics.

Traditionally, fundamental physics expresses predictions about where, say, a particle will go, given its initial state and its laws of motion. This paradigm has been the prevailing one since Galileo and Newton and has been extremely successful – allowing us to formulate deeper and deeper explanations of the physical world, of which quantum theory and general relativity are the current best examples. Yet, there are things in the physical world that this mode of explanation cannot adequately capture for us. Information is one such thing.

For a start, that information is an element of the physical

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jehtween 13 July 2015

Excellent article.
Every particle carries tremendous amount of information, and the particles interactions generate even more information. No information, no reality.
Thus, multiverse is totally nonsense in this sense. Yet, multiverse can be refuted even in metaphysics, see

Dzen_o 9 July 2015

There is nothing counterintuitive in that the information is “an element of the physical world”, moreover – there exist nothing besides the information, i.e. all what exists not only in physical world (in Matter) in our Universe, and outside, is/are some informational patterns - elements (systems of elements, that are some elements also) of absolutely fundamental and absolutely infinite “Information” Set. And this fact is rigorously proven rather long ago in the "the Information as Absolute" conception – see

Ray Crafton 9 July 2015

Very much like Seth Lloyd's 2007 book Programming the Universe -- the universe is indistinguishable from a quantum computer; what it computes is the reality we experience. Also very much like Whitehead's philosophy of organism. Every actual occasion -- whether a human or a quark -- prehends other actual occasions and integrates its prehensions into a satisfaction as it becomes. The actuality uses eternal ideas -- such as physical laws / principles -- to process its prehensions into a satisfaction. This isn't something that requires consciousness,(although that can help!)