The Eureka Moment

Scientific advance is a roll call of eureka moments.

Scientific advance is a roll call of eureka moments. Can they be planned? Does the institutional character of big science research militate against these critical imaginative leaps? Should we encourage the outsider, and break the system of peer review in an attempt to create more eureka moments, or does good science require a strong establishment?

Independent scientist Rupert Sheldrake, theoretical physicist David Berman and Oxford philosopher James Wilk question the role of freedom in science.

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The Eureka Moment is a term that was coined in the 18th century by scientist, philosopher, and historian of science, John Draper. The phrase refers to the point at which an idea or solution “suddenly” occurs to someone. Students are often asked what their eureka moment has been; perhaps it's when they finally get the hang of something they've been struggling with for weeks!