The Roots of Anxiety and How to Escape It

What exactly is anxiety and how might we transcend it?

Before we look at ways of dealing with anxiety, it’s a good idea to define what we mean by the term. I think it’s helpful to think in terms of three different kinds of anxiety.

First of all, there is ‘instinctive anxiety,’ which is based on threats or dangers to our survival. This is what we experience when walking near the edge of a high cliff, in deserted city streets at night, or when someone verbally abuses us or threatens us with violence. We instinctively feel anxiety in such situations, as a warning to be on our toes, or to flee from the potential danger. Instinctive anxiety is healthy. It has evolved over tens of thousands of years of human history, and we probably wouldn't be here without it.

Secondly, there is what I call ‘traumatic anxiety.’ This is anxiety related to traumatic life experiences, usually in early life, that have left behind some degree of psychological sensitivity and vulnerability. Tr

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Melanie Betroot 21 May 2021

I have very bad anxiety because of my stutter, my parents they’ve never tried to reach out like acknowledging my stutter, they’ve never even told me I have a stutter I found out through my sisters mocking me and calling me a stutter as an insult and because they’ve never made me feel like I could speak about my stutter, that it’s not something to be ashamed about I don’t feel comfortable speaking to them never mind having to be the first one to bring up my stutter in a conversation, in school my anxiety is especially bad only my close friends know I have a stutter which is like 2 people, they asked me if I had a stutter and I told them yes, no one else knows in school that I have a stutter so whenever I’m forced to speak it’s terrifying because if people fond out I have a stutter, my lives over as in I’d being bullied, mocked, laughed at by the whole school and I don’t think I could handle that...
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Klais Surik 5 March 2021

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