What physicists get wrong about consciousness

Panpsychism as an interpretation of physics

The claim that reality’s fundamental building blocks are conscious can seem to challenge what physics tells us the world is like. It’s no surprise then to find prominent physicists arguing that panpsychism is incompatible with physics, and therefore false. But that would be to misunderstand panpsychism: It’s not a competing scientific theory, but a philosophical interpretation of the claims of physics, argues Philip Goff.

Sean Carroll will debate this issue with Philip Goff and Keith Frankish live on the 'Mind Chat', YouTube channel 11th November, 2pm UK time: https://www.youtube.com/c/MindChat


Panpsychism is the view that consciousness is a fundamental and ubiquitous feature of the physical world. It is the view that the basic building blocks of the physical universe – perhaps fundament

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Roger Cain 29 October 2021

I like the idea of consciousness being the fundamental stuff of reality, but the argument that it vanquishes dualism seems not enough. Don't we need some tangible evidence of the consciousness of fundamental particles?