What scientists get wrong about black holes

The black hole singularity is misunderstood

The black hole is one of the most fascinating phenomena in the universe, and one of the most misunderstood. The singularity of a black hole is not where, or when, we expect to find it. Writes Carlo Rovelli.


The geometry of the space inside a black hole, down there in the blind world below, is surprisingly similar to that of Dante’s Inferno. Think of a very long funnel. At any given moment, the interior of the black hole can be imagined as this funnel. The older the black hole, the more elongated its interior.

Image 4

Enormous it might be, the length of the funnel is not infinite: at the bottom there is the star that, by collapsing in on itself, gave rise to the hole.

Unlike Dante’s Inferno, which as far as we know stays the same, the funnel inside the black hole lengthens and narr

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