Why electric cars are a mistake

Electric cars won't solve climate change

Electric cars are hyped to an almost religious status. Companies, both old and new, from Tesla and Rivian, Ford and Mercedes, all are going electric. However, they are ineffective at solving climate change. We should focus our efforts elsewhere, writes Conor Bronsdon. 


Elon Musk is wrong; Tesla won't save the planet from climate change.

Electric cars might look great in your driveway, but they're also a symbol of a systemic problem: a consumer and car-based approach to addressing transportation's climate impacts. Not only that, they're an ineffective one.

Transportation-related carbon emissions are the top source of US carbon emissions

Transportation-related carbon emissions account for 14% of our global carbon emissions and are the largest source of US carbon emissions at 29%. Therefore, it is crucial that the US cuts our transportation e

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