Will autocracy triumph over democracy?

The democratic advantage in the great power politics

The supremacy of democracy can be traced from Greece's dominance of the ancient world through to America's place at the head of the table of geopolitics. Do autocracies like China and Russia pose a serious threat, asks Matthew Kroenig.  

Is democracy or autocracy the better form of government? This question has been debated since the time of Aristotle and it has returned in recent years as China and its model of authoritarian, state-led capitalism challenges the US recipe of free-market democracy. Many believe that autocracies are ascendant and democracy in decline, but recent social science research suggests they are mistaken.

The United States has been the world’s leading geopolitical power since 1945. After the end of the Cold War, Francis Fukuyama even declared the “end of history” as US-style, democracy and capitalism emerged as the only legitimate means of organizing domestic economies and politics.

But the return of great power rivalry with

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Klais Surik 16 March 2021

I'm interested in history myself, for example, about Napoleon. It is a legendary commander, who really was able to capture almost half of Europe, although of course as a man he was far from ambiguous and many historians have their own view of him. Sometimes not the most positive. If you are interested in history, you can read about him as I am https://studydriver.com/napoleon-vs-snowball/ as for me a very informative story and essay to it. I learned and learned a lot from it.