Controlling the threats from AI

ChatGPT is just the beginning

We have begun to regulate AI or so many governments think. We have frameworks from the Turing institute and UNESCO which claim to be the guard rails for future development. But Wen Zheng argues these are paper mache, and they fail to address the dangers of AGI and future of the field. Even the AI now can’t be hemmed in by these guides for the greatest threat we may yet face.

The threat from ChatGPT is overblown. The dangers of statistical models, based on scrapping the internet and then telling it off for racist outbursts, are low if not manageable. And the principles we use to govern these systems are fine. But this is not artificial intelligence. This marketing term does not mean Skynet has arrived. Nor does it mean that we have to seriously start coming up with new ethics to limit it and our use of it. But the threat is coming. The dangers are around the corner, and it isn’t hyperbole to say once Skynet really is here that we will be at its me

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