How (and why) to choose your philosophy of life

A philosophical guide for living a good life

How To Live A Good Life: A Guide To Choosing Your Personal Philosophy, edited by Pigliucci, Cleary and Kaufman, is a new volume collecting together 15 philosophers’ stories of how and why they chose their life philosophies. Here, the editors explain why selecting a life philosophy is an important decision, and how they picked their own.

Socrates famously said that the unexamined life is not worth living. Clearly, that’s an exaggeration. Nevertheless, some philosophers have argued that if we don’t pay attention to why we live in a certain way rather than any other, we risk “misliving” our only life, getting to the end of it, on our proverbial death bed, and thinking: “shoot, I wasted it!” Or, as Tolstoy’s Ivan Ilych puts it: “Maybe I did not live as I ought to have done… But how could that be, when I did everything properly?”

In order to save you from Ilych’s fate, the three of us have asked 15

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Kyle Ortiz 16 April 2024

There are many schools of philosophy, from Stoicism's focus on reason to Existentialism's emphasis on individual freedom. Reading the works of great philosophers or even summaries of their ideas can broaden your perspective

briefs cavities 14 December 2022

I appreciate you giving this fantastic and instructive post.