India is creating a new world order

Asia’s Chameleon: India, Russia and the Ukraine Inflection Point

The West claims that Putin’s war against Ukraine means that Russia is now isolated by the international community.  But in fact, the exact opposite is happening. Most of the world is either pro-Russia or neutral with regards to the war in Ukraine. India’s neutral stance is critical to this international balance of power. And while India’s historical ties with Russia go a long way to explain the current situation, it is also India’s vision for the future that’s informing its attitude. Along with China and Russia, India is aiming to bring about an end to western global hegemony, and usher in a new era of a multipolar international order, argues Chris Ogden.


While it may seem from the Western perspective that Russia is turning into an isolated, pariah state due to its invasion of Ukraine, nothing could be further from the truth.  In reality, the majority of the world, in terms of population, remains either neutral or pro-Russia concerning the confli

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donghua tijun 7 May 2022

The countries are developing. There will be a series of uprisings from the former empire