Issue 36: Catching Sight of OurselvesArrow Head


Enlightenment’s Wake

The Enlightenment's great legacy is to think for ourselves, but is this founded on a myth?

Christopher Hamilton

Unnatural Laws

Have we really found the secrets of the universe?

Nancy Cartwright

The Art of Progress

Artists have long sought to outdo their masters. But is such progress a lie?

Julian Spalding

Know Thyself

Is it possible to follow Socrates' famous maxim?

Adjoa Andoh

Issue 35: Everything and NothingArrow Head

James Ladyman 35

Coding the Universe

What is information? How does it relate to matter?

James Ladyman

The Age of Nothing

Is there something missing in our lives?

Peter Watson

In Defence of Knowledge

Is knowledge overrated, or vital to our future?

Ray Brassier

Rethinking Capitalism

Is capitalism the only viable economic system?

Alex Callinicos

Solitary Confinement

Could 'living in the moment' be a terrible error?

Samantha Roddick

Issue 34: Ultimate ProofArrow Head

Ziauddin Sardar 34

Ideology and The East

Is US militarism exacerbating age-old misunderstandings between East and West?

Ziauddin Sardar

Daddy, I don’t want to be Muslim

Is Western ideology distorting portrayals of ISIS?

Haras Rafiq

The Tyranny of Evidence

Is it time to end our affair with evidence?

Rupert Read

God's Map

Maps may be flawed, but we'd be lost without them.

Roger Davies

Issue 33: Truth, Lies and DeceptionArrow Head

John Horgan 33

Science: Power and Politics

Has science become a new religion?

John Horgan

Of Lies and Necessity

Is it possible to be totally honest?

Rae Langton

Authenticity is a Con

Is authenticity just a way to make a fast buck?

Peter York

Lying to Survive

Is deception necessary for our very survival?

Sophie Van Der Zee

The Wealth Delusion

How do we know when enough is enough?

Frances Stewart
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