The battle for global domination

The hard fight for soft power

The ability to convince people to want what you want - to wield soft power - is a powerful tool on the world stage. Both China and America have seen their reputations badly damaged by their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the unrest that's followed in its aftermath. Only through careful management of their reputations will either superpower be able to dominate geopolitics. 

Power is the ability to affect others to obtain the outcomes you want. You can affect their behavior in three main ways: threats of coercion (‘sticks’); inducements or payments (‘carrots’); and attraction and persuasion that makes others want what you want (soft power). While many real-world situations involve all three types of power, and soft power alone is rarely sufficient, its presence can make a difference. It is important to be able to set the agenda and attract others, and not just force them to change through the threat or use of coercion or payment. This soft power — gett

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