Spirited Away With Heidegger

Heidegger and Studio Ghibli converge on technology

A link between the German existentialist Martin Heidegger and Japanese mainstream animator and author of Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, Hayao Miyazaki, seems unlikely. But they share a recurring theme  the relationship between humans and nature. In Miyazaki’s animes, this relationship is mediated through technology which threatens the sacredness in nature. But despite the human-nature conflicts, Miyazaki is optimistic, and surprisingly close to Heidegger’s thoughts in his later works.

Technology and the Loss of the Gods

Nature, or earth, in Heidegger’s thought is introduced in the Origin of the Work of Art, where it is contrasted to the human world. Heidegger sees earth as darkness and sheltering because it can never be completely grasped or structured by humans. If humans, Heidegger states, live in a clearing, earth would be the rocks, soil and trees arou

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Apk nain 7 October 2022

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Andrea Jesscia 15 June 2021

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Roxanne Ellis 20 February 2021

Ghibli Studio always brings the best to their audience. Every time watching their movies, I discover a new meaning. The nature and human in Ghibli's movies are strong, stunning and incredible.
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