The Return of Idealism: Russell vs Hegel

Hegel's return in analytic philosophy

According to the usual story, analytic philosophy was born when Bertrand Russell revolted against a version of Hegel’s idealism that had dominated the Cambridge philosophy scene. So how is it that around 100 years later, Robert Brandom, an influential philosopher grappling with technical debates at the heart of analytic philosophy, publishes an 856-page book dedicated to interpreting Hegel? Paul Redding explains how Russell’s failed attempt to use Gottlob Frege’s logic as a foundation not only for mathematics, but for the natural sciences, ended up calling for solutions found in Hegel’s philosophy.   


In 2019, the American philosopher Robert Brandom published his long-awaited interpretation of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, entitled, “A Spirit of Trust”. While many others have offered interpretations of this massively ambitious and daunting work from the early nineteenth century, none have elaborated its messages o

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Ali Navabi 4 March 2022

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Ali Navabi 4 March 2022

No comment