There Is No Universal Objective Morality – An Interview With Homi Bhabha

What is the good in a multicultural global world?

Can we speak of universals in a multicultural world? Is it all relative? Who is right, and how do we determine that? How do we collaborate when cultures differ on what they consider to be the moral thing to do? We asked Homi Bhabha, world-renowned thinker on post-colonialism, Professor of English and American Literature and Language, and the Director of the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University, about how he sees morality in a global world. 

What is your view regarding the idea that there might be a subjective or objective morality?

I think it’s very difficult to make the case for an objective morality if you’re using the word ‘objective’ in a strong sense, either to mean a universal morality or a foundational morality that all people everywhere understand and accept in a globalising world.

Ironically, I think the issue arises because individuals an

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Tim M 28 August 2019

Of course there is objective morality. All people have the same response to being falsely accused. All children are innocent until corrupted by ideology. There is no reason we should not treat all innocent children as our own.