This is the only possible world

There’s no alternative reality in which you’re not reading this.

In trying to make sense of the way we talk about possibility, David Lewis argued that everything that could possibly exist does exist, in some possible world. But our best scientific theories suggest that there are no real facts about what’s possible, and therefore possible worlds aren’t real, argues John Divers.

David Lewis (in)famously argued that just about everything you can think of really exists. Just as zebras exist, so do unicorns. Just as brains exist so do the immaterial minds that Descartes thought were associated with them. And just as there exists a universe that conforms to special relativity, so there exists a universe that conforms to Newton’s laws. What is driving all this is a pair of thoughts: (a) there are real facts about what is possible and (b) these facts consist in the real existence of things in other possible worlds. My response is that (b) is moot because we have no reason to bel

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Vyacheslav Dianov 5 June 2021

Science misunderstands the world, therefore it cannot rationally explain any phenomenon of Life. "Harmonious worldview" objectively explains the entire completeness of the world, including the spiritual.