Unnatural sex

Liberating female sexuality

For too long women's sexuality was viewed as somehow unnatural, oppressed by unhealthy and unbalanced social norms. The fight to change this is well underway, but has a long way to go, writes Emma Sayle. 

Fifteen years ago I threw my first Killing Kittens event – a female, oriented sex party in pursuit of women’s pleasure . I had no idea at the time that it was an event that would be such a catalyst for change and open up a conversation about sex and women’s sexuality that had never really happened before.

Sex! Even the mention of the word has so many connotations running around in our brains. Natural vs. unnatural, fun vs. guilt, loving vs. abusive, happy vs. shame. Sex creates such polar opinions and behaviours and these feelings are all woven so deeply into our concept of sex and wider society’s attitudes to it.

This is especially the case when it comes to female sexuality and how we, as women, can openly express ourselves in the bedroom. It i

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Min Jeckel 15 October 2020

I'm surprised that this essay does not mention pornography which seems to me to be the greatest hindrance to female pleasure and expression in the current climate. Pornography is overwhelmingly from a violent, male perspective and completely ignores real female pleasure. I would be interested to hear Emma's view on this.