What feminist leadership should look like

Female leaders aren't enough

In a few months, the UK could have its third female Prime Minister in the last 40 years. However, Ms Truss - herself a former Minister for Women and Equalities - should not necessarily be considered to further the feminist cause solely by virtue of her being a woman. Today, what is really at stake must go beyond the question of female leadership and interrogate the whole concept of leadership itself, writes Sophie Scott-Brown.


Liz Truss is divisive. If she becomes Britain’s next Prime Minister, feelings will run high and be mixed, especially among feminists. For some, it will be if not quite a triumphant then an important day for women. Others will regret that Ms Truss, for all the royal blue dress suits, only parodies the sort of power typically associated with belligerent males. A few more again will roll their eyes at the whole circus and consider it irrelevant to the cause of social justice.

Your reaction will depend on your preferred feminist tri

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