Why they killed Gaddafi

Colonialism is alive and well in central banking

2021 marks the 10-year anniversary of NATO’s violent intervention in Libya and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi. As was suspected at the time - and was later shown in the published emails of Hilary Clinton - NATO acted to prevent Gaddafi founding an African central bank with its own gold-backed currency. That institution would have challenged the power of the dollar and finally allowed Africa to escape its colonial shackles, writes Ellen Brown.


It was thanks to the 2016 publication of Hillary Clinton's emails that the reason behind NATO’s entry into Libya was revealed. It was to prevent the creation of an independent hard currency in Africa that would free the continent from its economic bondage under the dollar, the IMF and the French African franc. That hard currency would have allowed Africa to shake off the last heavy chains of colonial exploitation.

The brief visit of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Libya in October 2011 was ref

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Daouda Diallo 7 January 2022

Many thanks for shedding these lights—and so allowing us—concerned Africans and of African descent—and the world to further awaken, see, and understand. And in doing so, further allowing the people to both know and bridge the gap between knowing and understanding these painful realities and tragedies of the world we're all living in. Thank you,

Franklin Nyamsi Wa Kamerun 7 January 2022

Thank you for this very well documented work. For us, african intellectual throughout the world, it helps a lot to understand why Africa is destabilized today.

aanthony peters 27 May 2021

Gaddafi was the ruthless dictator of a country with few people and a lot of oil. Black gold pouring out of the ground. His people did not share in this wealth. He played the fool sometimes but make no mistake, if you lived in Libya and tried to oppose him, even a comment or offhand remark - and you and your family would pay dearly.
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Minnie_S 26 May 2021

People seriously underestimate the lengths to which the West goes to maintain its supremacy. African leaders are vilified and the public in the West buys it all. Very depressing. Are there any plans for this to be revived?