AI and the end of reason

Seeing through black boxes

Life changing decisions are increasingly being outsourced to Artificial Intelligence.  The problem is, AI systems are often black boxes, unable to offer explanations for these decisions. Unless regulators insist that AI needs to be explainable and interpretable, we are about to enter an era of the absurd, writes Alexis Papazoglou.


One of the greatest risks that AI poses to humanity is already here.  It’s an aspect of the technology that is affecting human lives today and, if left unchecked, will forever change the shape of our social reality. This is not about AI triggering an event that might end human history, or about the next version of Chat GPT putting millions of people out of a job, or the welter of deep fakes and misinformation war that’s coming. It’s about a feature of current AI that its own designers openly admit to yet remains astonishing when put into words: no one really understands it.

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