We can have freedom without the self

The self enslaves us.

If you think about it, the idea of free will doesn’t make sense if there is no self, as cutting edge-research neuroscience research suggests. But Chris Niebauer argues that, counterintuitively, we become free once we realise there is no self.


You probably started to read this article with the belief that it was something you decided to read and that you will decide when to quit reading or read till the end. It comes down to the idea that there is a “you” or a “self” similar to an inner CEO running the show and calling the shots. Most importantly, there is the assumption that this CEO possesses what philosophers (and now neuroscientists) call free will. The question of free will continues as a central question of what it means to be human because free will asks explicitly…Who is it that has free will?

For most ordinary people, it is assumed that “we” exist somewhere within the skull, and this self is free to make decisions. This self is t

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