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Bezos, billionaires and the problem with big philanthropy

From coronavirus to climate change: why the rich can’t save the world

Linsey McGoey
How To Live A Good Life Massimo Pigliucci Skye Cleary Daniel Kaufman

How (and why) to choose your philosophy of life

A philosophical guide for living a good life

Massimo Pigliucci
Can politicians be moral Stephen de Wijze

Can Politicians Be Moral?

Political morality should allow for rare dirty hands practices

Stephen De Wijze
Conspiracy theories meaning and origin

What Are Conspiracy Theories?

Where do conspiracy theories mean and where do they come from?

Quassim Cassam
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Meritocracy Is Good But We Don't Have It

Why the US college entry fraud scandal is only the tip of the iceberg

Thomas Mulligan
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Being With Others

The peril of our age is not our inability to be with ourselves but with others

Thomas Dumm

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Mary Beard Nassim Taleb Twitter row

Beard vs Taleb: Scientism and the Nature of Historical Inquiry

How a Twitter row between Mary Beard and Nassim Taleb on diversity in Roman Britain became a masterclass in the dangers of scientism

Massimo Pigliucci

Why Philosophy Matters

To celebrate World Philosophy Day 2017, we asked philosophers why it's important to them

IAI News Editorial Staff
einstein dawkins

Are Celebrity Scientists Just Memes?

An interview with philosopher of science Philip Kitcher

Philip Kitcher

10 Soviet Philosophers You Should Know

Discover the USSR's forgotten thinkers

Paula Erizanu

“The Courage to Face a Lifetime”: On the Enduring Appeal of Ayn Rand’s Philosophy

Mocked by philosophers, adored by readers – what is the lasting allure of Ayn Rand?

Carrie-Ann Biondi
Nietzsche forgotten umbrella meaning

Nietzsche and The Philosophy of Umbrellas

What did Nietzsche mean when he wrote 'I have forgotten my umbrella'? Does the scribbled note plumb hidden philosophical depths?

Marion Rankine

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Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt On Why It's Urgent To Break Your Bubble

The political theorist argued that withdrawing from politics is tempting but dangerous

Siobhan Kattago
72 philosophy books everyone should read

72 Philosophy Books Everyone Should Read

From Ancient Greece to Postmodernism, this list of must read philosophy books has you covered…

IAI News Editorial Staff
Philosophy At Work | Brenna. Jacoby

The Philosopher at Work: An Interview with Brennan Jacoby

What lessons can Nietzsche offer to the world of business?

David Maclean
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The Lies That Bind Us

Kwame Anthony Appiah discusses how identities form, trap or set us free

Kwame Anthony Appiah
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The Freedom to Be Free at Work

Now is the time to take Hannah Arendt's ideas on what makes us human further

Nicholas Smith
alternative hedonism kate soper

Alternative Hedonism

Environmentalism can aim for both a ‘simpler’ and more pleasurable post-consumerist life

Kate Soper
Steven Pinker & Homi Bhabha

Does the Enlightenment Need Defending?

Steven Pinker and Homi Bhabha discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of the Enlightenment

Steven Pinker
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The Universal Basic Income: For the Sceptics

Why basic income is a necessary step towards building a society fit for the 21st century

Guy Standing
einstein dawkins

Are Celebrity Scientists Just Memes?

An interview with philosopher of science Philip Kitcher

Philip Kitcher

Laughing and Crying About the Second World War

Remembering the war in Russia, Germany and Britain should involve reflecting on the groups that are demonized today

Catherine Brown
Make rhodes history

Are We All Suffering From Collective Amnesia?

Preserving statues of imperialists and slave owners enforces narratives rather than protecting free speech

Alessandra Tanesini
David radicalism

What Michelangelo’s David Can Teach Us About Radical Politics

Marx vs Adorno on demanding the impossible without being a political failure

Enzo Rossi
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