Are mandatory vaccines justified?

It's about the data, not liberty

On February 1st a national vaccine mandate took effect in Austria. Those over the age of 18 who have not been vaccinated could face fines up to €3,600. Several other countries have introduced similar mandates for the elderly, medical staff and care home workers. Putting aside the question of whether these mandates are effective, there are concerns around their ethical status. Those resisting vaccination say it should be their choice whether to get the jab, not the state’s. Others argue that in liberal societies, the state has a right to limit the freedom of individuals when their behaviour harms others. Whether vaccine mandates are morally justifiable or not, then, turns on whether the unvaccinated harm the rest of the population. Given how Covid vaccines work, it’s hard to make that case, argues Stephen John. 



Would you shoot a loaded gun into the air above a crowd? I assume not.

Should other people be allowed to shoot into t

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Brad Davis 6 May 2022

Internal documents of Pfizer have been released.

What has distracted most people from them is this tumultuous time in politics.

From what has been said, Pfizer has known all along their vaccines have only a 12% effectiveness.

Given all the pain and suffering they have caused, it would be for no one to take the vaccines.

It was wrong to take the vaccines for many reasons. This only verifies and enhances the position that these vaccines should be taken off the market.

Wolfgang Kilian 2 February 2022

So why not simply increasing the health insurance for anti-vaxxers. The society provides the actually best solution to lower the economical costs arising from the pandemic by offering the vaccination. So all those who do not accept this solution should pay for 1/10 of an intensive care bed.