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Issue 64: MemoryArrow Head


Should People Be Punished for Crimes They Can’t Remember Committing?

What Locke would say on the case of death row inmate Vernon Madison

Helen Beebee
Ideas for Life

Could Fake News Create Fake Memories?

Rejecting the real has significant consequences on our brains, according to neuroscience

Dean Burnett
Issue Article

Are We All Suffering From Collective Amnesia?

Preserving statues of imperialists and slave owners enforces narratives rather than protecting free speech

Alessandra Tanesini
Ideas for Life

Forgetting Plasticity: Catherine Malabou and the Brain Beyond Memory

What happens to identity when the brain becomes a site of destruction?

Benjamin Dalton

Laughing and Crying About the Second World War

Remembering the war in Russia, Germany and Britain should involve reflecting on the groups that are demonized today

Catherine Brown
Ideas for Life

Issue 63: Love and DeathArrow Head


Sex with Sartre

What does it mean to be a sexual being according to one of the great icons of existentialism?

Jean-Pierre Boulé
Ideas for Life

Living On When Love Dies

Could lowering our expectations of romantic relationships enhance our experience of them?

Christopher Hamilton

When Virtue Destroys You

Rousseau on how our emotions are essential for leading a meaningful life.

Alessandro Ferrara

Kierkegaard's Existential Lover

Does death hold the key to true love?

Sharon Krishek

What Polyamory Teaches Us About Jealousy

Jealousy is probable and survivable, and we can learn how to manage it ourselves.

Janet W. Hardy
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Issue 62: Fail Again, Fail BetterArrow Head

bosch hell

Are We Doomed to Fail?

Our modern idea of failure is a return to the Calvinist notion of the predestined reprobate

Costica Bradatan

Why Schools Must Give Up the Myth of Success

Education should surrender its grand utopian projects and instead teach us how to survive.

Aislinn O'Donnell

Does Pessimism Have a Future?

Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Cioran and the Buddha on drawing comfort from despair

Eugene Thacker

What Michelangelo’s David Can Teach Us About Radical Politics

Marx vs Adorno on demanding the impossible without being a political failure

Enzo Rossi
Ideas for Life

Issue 61: The Return of the RitualArrow Head

quincianera alison millbank

Lost Ceremonies

As life becomes ever more digital, could rituals help restore our relationship with the world around us?

Alison Milbank

To Gift or Not to Gift? A Philosopher's Christmas Dilemma

Rather than caving in to consumerism, give your loved ones the most priceless gift: your attention

Skye C. Cleary
Ideas for Life

Subversive Rituals – How I Become A Drag Queen

The LGBTQ+ community has been denied access to rituals so they created their own.

Domenick Scudera

Christmas - the Orgy of Stuff

We like our Christmas heavy on consumption, and light on religion. How did we get here and what should we do about it?

Scott Lowe
Ideas for Life

Could ritual spaces encourage collaboration over domination?

How do our modern day rituals transform the spaces we inhabit?

Sigurd Bergmann
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