Issue 84: ProgressArrow Head

Philosophy of fear and UBI Lauren Ware

Does fear drive economic progress?

What the philosophy of emotion contributes to the Universal Basic Income debate

Lauren Ware

A radical hope for humanity and the environment

Why we must abandon ideas of pristine nature

Allen Thompson

How to value your time and not just your money

Why economic growth is a poor indicator of social progress.

Guy Standing

Will gene editing unlock new potentials for progress?

Why are we comfortable modifying the genes of animals and plants, but not our own?

Güneş Taylor

Why the foundations of physics have not progressed for 40 years

Physicists face stagnation if they continue to treat the philosophy of science as a joke

Sabine Hossenfelder
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Issue 83: RealityArrow Head

The Evolution of Reality

The Evolution of Reality

Why the world is not how we see it

Chris Fields

Who Decides what is Real?

What the Buddhist monk said to the theoretical physicist

Chris Impey

Does ‘Mental Illness’ Exist?

The Problem with Psychiatric Diagnosis

Lucy Johnstone

The Danger of Bursting Bubbles

Why informational bubbles are a necessary part of our world

Ophelia Deroy

The Reality of Psychedelic Experiences

Revelations or hallucinations?

Peter Sjöstedt-H
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Issue 82: A Halloween SpecialArrow Head

Why We Should Care About Our Corpse - Thomas Laqueur

Why We Should Care About Our Corpse

The political significance of the destruction of the dead

Thomas Laqueur

Return of the Living Dead

Slavoj Žižek examines humanity's fascination with the living dead

Slavoj Žižek

The Metaphysics of Horror

Why we fear threats to our worldview the most.

David Livingstone Smith

The Dark Side

Our fascination with evil and why it makes sense.

Stephen de Wijze

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

What might extraterrestrial life look like? The diversity found on Earth could guide our search.

Lynn J. Rothschild
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Issue 75: QuantumArrow Head

Quantum Theory and Common Sense Tim Maudlin

Quantum Theory and Common Sense: It's Complicated

There's more of it in quantum physics than we think

Tim Maudlin

What Do We Know? A Quantum Perspective

Quantum physics supports a realist framework.

Juha Saatsi

What Is Life?

In order to answer this question, we need to look at the smallest particles

Paul Davies

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