Issue 70: The Boring IssueArrow Head

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The History and Politics of Boredom

Boredom isn't personal: it's the mark of modernity

Elizabeth S. Goodstein

How We Think of Our Lives

Boredom in contemporary literature.

Ralph Clare

Issue 70: The Boring Issue

Can boredom be interesting?


The Art of Boredom

Rather than an individual experience, boredom can be a philosophical key to understanding modern life

Andrew Bowie

When Boredom Becomes Stagnation: The Importance of Occupying the Mind

Philosophy can provide prisoners with the sense of growth essential to being human

Kirstine Szifris
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Issue 69: Artificial IntelligenceArrow Head

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Issue 69: AI

Should we embrace AI or worry about it?

IAI Editorial

Where Is My Mind?: An Interview with Andy Clark

Is your smartphone a part of your brain? Andy Clark discusses his mind-expanding ideas.

David Maclean

When a Robot Becomes Judge

Carl Miller warns about the hidden powers of algorithms

Carl Miller

Why We Shouldn't Be Scared of AI

AI is a continuity of human intelligence.

John Collins

Can Artificial Intelligence Give Our Lives Meaning?

Could AI make our daily lives more human?

Ruth Yeoman
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Issue 68: The Good LifeArrow Head

the good life issue iaitv

Issue 68: The Good Life

Where can happiness be found?


Are You As Good As You Think?

Probably not. But good news: you can change this.

Christian B. Miller

Zhana Vrangalova on The Science of Good Sex

The orgasm gap and how it can be overcome.


Optimism and the Good Life

Why optimism can make you a better, happier person

Lisa Bortolotti

Can We Reinvent Ourselves? An Existentialist View

Sartre and Beauvoir disagreed on the tension between our freedom, and our power

Kate Kirkpatrick
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Issue 67: The Agony and the EcstasyArrow Head

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

What role do bliss and ecstasy play in our personal and political lives? How do we navigate situations of extreme pain and torment?

BĂ©atrice Han-Pile On The Ethics of Powerlessness

Can philosophy help care for the terminally-ill?

David Maclean

Why Eros and Illness Make Good Bedfellows

Illness can ignite our strongest lust for life.

David Morris

The Ecstasy of the Hyperreal in the Age of Trump

A Baudrillardian view on the war for attention.

Douglas Kellner

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