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20 05 28.thomas.ata

The strange allure of borders

Why are we drawn to what divides us?

Emily Thomas
20 04 21.beale2

The Plague, Camus, and hope

Overcoming absurdity during a pandemic

Stephen Beale
A Defence of Progress

A Defence of Progress

How to avoid the self-fulfilling prophecy of pessimism

Raymond Tallis
19 12 13.reflection2.ata

The Fantasy of Reality

Why belief in reality is a dangerous mistake

Hilary Lawson
The Elusiveness of Facts

Why Facts Elude Us

Language tangles and competing realities

Joanna Kavenna
World Philosophy Day

15 Ideas that Inspired the World’s Leading Thinkers

Philosophers Judith Butler, Simon Blackburn, Massimo Pigliucci and more on the ideas that shaped their work and world view

IAI News Editorial Staff

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Why Study Philosophy? Peter Hacker

Why Study Philosophy?

What does philosophy actually do?

Peter Hacker
worley article

Why Philosophy Should Be at the Core of Education

Philosophy should be at the core of all education

Peter Worley

Why Philosophy Matters

We asked philosophers why it's important to them.

IAI News Editorial Staff

Plato Not Prozac

What are the practical applications of philosophy?

Lou Marinoff
what is metaphysics kant

What's Metaphysics All About?

Even philosophers can't figure it out.

Amanda K. Bryant
einstein dawkins

Are Celebrity Scientists Just Memes?

An interview with philosopher of science Philip Kitcher

Philip Kitcher

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myths in science massimo pigliucci

The Big Myths In And On Science

Why do bad scientific theories live for so long?

Massimo Pigliucci
19 10 29.metaphysics of horror CROPPED

The Metaphysics of Horror

Why we fear threats to our worldview the most.

David Livingstone Smith
Jean Paul Sartre Birthday Anarchism Exisentialism Political Philosophy

Sartre's Anarchist Philosophy

Is Existentialism closer to Anarchism than Marxism?

William L. Remley

What Is Arabic Philosophy?

The Islamic world contains an extraordinary range of intellectual traditions

Peter Adamson
female philosophers women philosophers

Contemporary Women Philosophers You Should Read

Donna Haraway, Rebecca Goldstein, and more.

IAI News Editorial Staff

Plato Not Prozac

What are the practical applications of philosophy?

Lou Marinoff
Simon Blackburn on Four Approaches to Truth

What Is Truth? Four Different Answers

In the age of fake news, we need to keep inquiring

Simon Blackburn
western philosophy became racist min

How Western Philosophy Became Racist

Starting with Kant, western philosophers have erased non-western thinkers from history

Lloyd Strickland
jack cain 351543 unsplash

Can There Be Belief Without Language?

Language is powerful, but it can't create thoughts

Kristin Andrews
lucas sankey 423257 unsplash

Modelling Life in Art and Science

Art and science have more in common that they differ in the way they use models

James Nguyen
72 philosophy books everyone should read

72 Philosophy Books Everyone Should Read

From Ancient Greece to Postmodernism.

IAI News Editorial Staff
Philosophy At Work | Brenna. Jacoby

The Philosopher at Work: An Interview with Brennan Jacoby

What lessons can Nietzsche offer to the world of business?

David Maclean
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