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Issue 56: Morality and PrejudiceArrow Head

Savulescu 1

The Future of Moral Enhancement

Is prejudice too powerful to be defeated by reason alone? New research suggests chemical enhancement might be the answer.

Julian Savulescu

The Gamer's Dilemma

The idea of virtual rape provokes universal disgust. So why are we comfortable with children having killed an average of 100,000 people in video games by the age of 18?

Garry Young

The Moral Hazards of Money

In a world where nearly everything can be bought and sold, does money pose objective moral problems?

Adrian Walsh

Morality, Neuro-myths, and the Spurious Seduction of Evolutionary Ethics

Has neuroscience sold us a lie about the nature of morality?

Steven Rose

Can Prejudice Enhance Morality?

We think prejudice is the opposite of reason. But could it be essential to good judgement?

Adam Sandel

Issue 55: A Tribal WorldArrow Head

a tribal world editorial

Issue 55: A Tribal World

Is the tribe, from the Facebook group to the nation, to be feared or embraced as part of our nature?

How to Create a Cult

From Scientology to the Westboro Baptist Church, how do cults survive in the modern world?

Eileen Barker

The Tribe of Science

Science is a creed like any other. Could a radical overhaul of our most basic assumptions free us from its chains?

Rupert Sheldrake

Total Isolation

What total isolation taught me about the need for others

Ed Stafford

A New Nationalism

The left has lost its sense of community and identity. Do we need to reconnect with nationalism before its too late?

Jonathan Cruddas
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Issue 54: The Limits of ReasonArrow Head

Hacker 1 New

Issue 54: The Limits of Reason

Is the enlightenment project over? Should we seek new forms of knowledge, or would this send us back to the dark ages?

In Defence of Post-Truth

The demise of truth has sent the world into crisis. But are we better off without it?

Steve Fuller
Issue Article

Intuition vs Reason

Can our gut feelings replace reason in everyday situations?

Berit Brogaard

Reason, the Enlightenment, and Post-Truth Politics

Rediscovering the dream of the enlightenment

Peter Hacker

What We Cannot Know

Science promises answers to the fundamental questions. But does knowledge have limits?

Marcus Du Sautoy
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Issue 53: UtopiaArrow Head

what I learned 3

Issue 53: Utopia

Do we need utopia now more than ever? Or is there something impossible in the very idea?

Anarchy, Open Borders and Utopia

Why a world without borders is essential to the future of humanity.

Chandran Kukathas

A Woman's World

The world is currently run by men. What would a female utopia look like?

Margaret Heffernan

A Cyborg's Take on Utopia

Human enhancement is already happening. Should we fear or embrace it?

Kevin Warwick

The New Utopianism

Is it now individualism - not ecologism - that is hopelessly ‘utopian’?

Rupert Read
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