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Issue 50: The Known, The Strange and the NewArrow Head

Editorial 49

The Known, the Strange and the New

Introducing the big ideas at this year's HowTheLightGetsIn, 26th May - 5th June 2016.


The Weird and the Wonderful

In Europe belief in religion declines as science advances. Yet interest in ley lines or solstice rituals increases. Why?

Alastair McIntosh

Power, Status, and Sexuality

Beauty has long been condemned as superficial. But times are changing – is it time we changed with them?

Catherine Hakim

The Emperor's New Genes

The great promises of genetics never arrived. Should we abandon faith in science? Or value knowledge for its own sake?

Denis Noble

The Strangeness of Race

Is race an illusory construct with no basis in nature that we should seek to eradicate?

Kurt Barling

Issue 49: Living in the UnknownArrow Head

Julian Spalding 49

The Emperor’s New God

Can art provide the purpose of life and replace religion in teaching us how to live?

Julian Spalding

The Storm and the Butterfly

From the financial crash to climate change, life has a habit of defying our predictions. Are all models bound to fail?

Rupert Read

In Search of Ourselves

From yoga retreats to mindfulness, finding ourselves is in vogue. But what do we actually expect to find?

Joanna Kavenna

Truth, Lies and Self-Deception

Is self-deception real? And, if so, who is doing the deceiving?

Parashkev Nachev

The Wealth of Ideas

Why ideas and not capital changed the world.

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Issue 48: Reality BitesArrow Head

Editorial 48

Reality Bites

Does experience provide a direct link to reality? Or is it simply a creative response?


Friston vs Brogaard: Down the Rabbit Hole - part 1

HEAD TO HEAD: Is our experience real, or simply a construct of the brain?

Karl Friston

Friston vs Brogaard: Down the Rabbit Hole - part 2

HEAD TO HEAD: If we cannot trust our senses, where does this leave our beliefs?

Berit Brogaard

The Philosopher and the Ocean

Philosophy claims to be a dynamic force, challenging our basic assumptions. But how?

Rufus Duits

Beauty Bites Back

Beauty is boring. And the evidence is piling up, claims a maverick design critic.

Stephen Bayley
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Issue 47: Life, Meaning and MoralityArrow Head

Editorial 47 ii

Life, Meaning and Morality

If “God is dead”, what place do meaning and morality have in our lives?


Beyond Words

We use language every day to communicate with others and understand the world. So why do we now distrust it so much?

Emma Borg

The Kingdom of Speech

Language evolved alongside our species. What are its limits?

Daniel Everett

Terrorism and the Truth

Has rhetoric outstripped reality? Or are we failing to recognise the existential threats facing our culture and values?

John Lloyd

Imagining Reality

If imagination shapes reality, should we conjure new visions of better worlds? Or will this impede real progress?

Dylan Evans
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