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Issue 44: Beyond Good and EvilArrow Head

Editorial 44

Beyond Good and Evil

Do good and evil really exist? And, if so, are they unique to humans? Or can animals – and even machines – be moral too?


Law vs Milbank: Belief and the Gods - part 3

HEAD TO HEAD: Are arguments in defence of religion nothing but pseudo-profundity?

Stephen Law

Law vs Milbank: Belief and the Gods - part 4

HEAD TO HEAD: In comparing the finite and the infinite, paradox is a powerful tool.

John Milbank

AI: Friend or Foe?

Our technologies may be more powerful than ever, but is human stupidity the real threat to our future?

Nigel Shadbolt

Can Animals be Moral?

The Christian Research Institute responds to questions raised by Mark Rowlands.

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Issue 43: New GodsArrow Head

Editorial 43

New Gods

Is belief an essential part of human nature? Or can we banish faith forever?


Law vs Milbank: Belief and the Gods - part 1

HEAD TO HEAD: Philosophy should side with science in the fight against religion.

Stephen Law

Law vs Milbank: Belief and the Gods - part 2

HEAD TO HEAD: There is more to reality than can be seen from the lab and the armchair.

John Milbank

In Place of Prejudice

In a secular age, how do we construct ideals to live by?

Naomi Goulder

Authenticity, Reality and Being

Is the pursuit of the authentic self an empty fantasy? Or fundamental to a true understanding of the world?

Steve Fuller
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Issue 42: After TruthArrow Head

Editorial 42

A World Without Truth

The biggest ideas of 2015. How to advance beyond postmodernism's allergy to objective truth.


Issue 41: Owning Your BodyArrow Head

Mark of the Beast

Owning Your Body

Have we radically misunderstood the value of the body?


How To Be Human

Should we encourage competition in our culture? Or seek to eradicate it as the likely cause of our own demise?

Finn Mackay

How Men and Women Think

Are mental differences between the sexes real? Or is this just sexism dressed up as science?

Gina Rippon

Gandhi vs. Guevara

Does the pacifism of Gandhi or the passion of Che have the greatest power to change the world?

John Sauven
Ideas for Life

The Moral Case for Abortion

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service aims to decriminalise abortion. Its chief executive argues why.

Ann Furedi
Ideas for Life

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