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hume collage

How Would David Hume Explain Our Political Divisions?

We are all governed by passions, and the opinions and feelings of those like us

Rachel Cohon
Philosophers on Brexit2

Twelve Philosophers and Thinkers on Brexit

What is the most democratic way to solve the Brexit crisis?

IAI News Editorial Staff
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We Need Economic Democracy, Not a Dictatorship

Legendary human rights activist Peter Tatchell argues for more employee-employer equality

Peter Tatchell
informants article

Informants, Police, and Unconscionability

Should untrained citizens conduct the dangerous and otherwise illegal activity of police-informants?

Luke W. Hunt
marius ciutacu 277198 unsplash

The Danger of Making Exceptions for the Death Penalty

Even the most heinous crimes demand that we respect a person's moral agency

Zachary Hoskins
martha nussbaum

How To Escape Fear: An Interview With Martha Nussbaum

The philosopher discusses the role of emotion in building democracy

Paula Erizanu & David Maclean

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Finn Mackay crop

The Failure of Patriarchy

Outlining a vision for a just, equitable and socialist society, and how to achieve it.

Finn Mackay

Gaia and the City

Urban solutions to overpopulation: James Lovelock in conversation with Crispin Tickell.

James Lovelock


What role will computers play in the war over human freedom?

Cory Doctorow
David Papineau 4

The Beautiful Game

We think sports teams are a tribal symbol of national identity. But could they offer a vision of an inclusive and harmonious society?

David Papineau
Warren Ellis2

The Future is a Storm Front

Experimentation in mainstream comics and why science fiction can’t predict the future.

Warren Ellis
Justice Digital Age

Justice Beyond Privacy

As the old social bonds unravel, how can we balance free expression against security?

Steve Fuller

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Diogenes the Cynic vs Elon Musk

What wisdom could the great Cynic offer to our modern-day Alexander?

Massimo Pigliucci
mesut ozil resignation germany

How Mesut Özil's Resignation Exposes Europe's Crisis Of Citizenship

Ozil's saga reveals vicious hypocrisies about integration and citizenship

David Papineau
thomas hobbes trump putin new world order iaitv

How To Understand a World Run By Bad Boys

An Interview with Realist Stephen Walt on the Post-Hobbesian World Order

Paula Erizanu
mitchel lensink 220106 unsplash

Do You Have to Kill to Be a Murderer?

In Alabama, you can get convicted for a crime you didn't commit. Kant would be furious

Zachary Hoskins
Mark Lilla identity politics

Mark Lilla: On Identity Politics and the Left in Decline

Mark Lilla wonders whether we should stop talking about who we are and start talking about what unites us?

Tessa Van Rens
sarathy selvamani 69218 unsplash

Post-Work Won’t Work

Instead, we should focus on improving the experience of work to solve the malaise around it

Nicholas Smith
sisyphus al gini my job my self

My Job, My Self: How Work Defines Us

Rather than serving our individual passions, work is essential to being human

Al Gini
alex iby 212875 unsplash

Why You Should Hate Your Job

How the reality of employment is one of perpetual disappointment and the case against the work ethic

John Danaher
tom wells pic 1 edited

The Death of the 9-5

The robots are coming for our jobs. What will the workplace of tomorrow look like?

Thomas R. Wells
stephen mumford jpeg

Can Our Jobs Make Us Happy?

Contrary to the claims of Bertrand Russell, life is not just about being, but also doing

Stephen Mumford
kwame portrait 2

Cosmopolitanism and the Mixed Blessings of the Windrush Scandal - An Interview with Kwame Anthony Appiah

Has the Windrush crisis redefined Britishness? And can a cosmopolitan worldview benefit all?

Paula Erizanu
planet what we should worry about

What Should You Worry About and Hope For in 2018?

Find out what challenges lie ahead of us this year, and how we can overcome them from leading thinkers.

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