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20 05 11.barry.ata

The unity of values in a crisis

Moral convictions unite us amid quarantine

Barry C. Smith
20 05 04.slim3

Emergency ethics

Abandon freedoms, focus on duties to society

Hugo Slim
Heidegger being towards death covid risk morality

Life, risk and Covid-19

Rejecting Heidegger's nihilism

John Milbank
stephen de wijze apocalypse covid-19

The attraction of apocalypse

The philosophy of our fascination with disaster

3 pandemic predictions Lucretius

Pandemic prediction from Lucretius

How being afraid of death is making some people less ethical

Thomas Nail
20 03 31.read2

How to do the right thing in a pandemic

The precautionary principle can save lives

Rupert Read

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Albert Camus Coffee or Suicide

Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?

The Stoics and Existentialists agree on the answer

Skye C. Cleary
Star Wars The Force Panpsychism Philip Goff

Could the Force Really Be With Us?

Why materialists are wrong and the Jedi right.

Philip Goff
video games 1

The Gamer's Dilemma

The idea of virtual rape provokes universal disgust. So why are we comfortable with children having killed an average of 100,000 people in video games by the age of 18?

Garry Young
Stephen Law 43 text overlay 2

Law vs Milbank: Belief and the Gods - part 1

HEAD TO HEAD: Philosophy should side with science in the fight against religion.

Stephen Law
Judith Butler Hegel for our Times

Hegel for our Times

Judith Butler on the ethics of interdependence

Judith Butler

How Childbirth Became Philosophy's Last Taboo

Why don't the humanities speak about birth?

Anna M. Hennessey

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Judith Butler Hegel for our Times

Hegel for our Times

Judith Butler on the ethics of interdependence

Judith Butler
The Dark Side - Evil - Stephen de Wijze

The Dark Side

Our fascination with evil and why it makes sense.

Why We Should Care About Our Corpse - Thomas Laqueur

Why We Should Care About Our Corpse

The political significance of the destruction of the dead

Thomas Laqueur
Is Religion Necessarily Irrational John Millbank

Is Religion Necessarily Irrational?

Religion reasonably puts the relation between the individual and the collective at its core

John Milbank
homi bhabha there is no universal morality

There Is No Universal Objective Morality – An Interview With Homi Bhabha

What is the good in a multicultural global world?

Homi Bhabha
should we judge others david odenberg

Should We Judge Others?

It depends when, where and in what way

David S. Oderberg
Is morality objective Mackenzie Alexander

Is There An Objective Morality?

It's context specific and can go out-of-date

What if there is nothing I should do

What If There’s Nothing You Should Do?

You won’t believe the answer!

Bart Streumer
Moral Right to Unborn Life James Mahon Ryan Magers suing on behalf of fetus

When Do We Become Persons?

Do embryos have legal rights? In Alabama they do.

James Mahon
hobbes vs rousseau

Hobbes vs Rousseau: are we inherently evil?

The answer depends on what you think of politics.

Robin Douglass
old tree

On Being Useless: A Daoist Reflection

Our obsession with productivity works against us.

Edward McDougall
kamil szumotalski 611383 unsplash

The Philosophy of Fasting

Asceticism has been a way of expressing philosophical and religious beliefs – and for good reason

Peter Adamson
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