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Issue 82: A Halloween SpecialArrow Head

Why We Should Care About Our Corpse - Thomas Laqueur

Why We Should Care About Our Corpse

The political significance of the destruction of the dead

Thomas Laqueur

Return of the Living Dead

Slavoj Žižek examines humanity's fascination with the living dead

Slavoj Žižek

The Metaphysics of Horror

Why we fear threats to our worldview the most.

David Livingstone Smith

The Dark Side

Our fascination with evil and why it makes sense.

Stephen De Wijze

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

What might extraterrestrial life look like? The diversity found on Earth could guide our search.

Lynn J. Rothschild
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Issue 75: QuantumArrow Head

Quantum Theory and Common Sense Tim Maudlin

Quantum Theory and Common Sense: It's Complicated

There is more common sense in quantum physics than we think

Tim Maudlin

What Do We Know? A Quantum Perspective

Despite the controversies, quantum physics supports a scientific realist framework

Juha Saatsi

What Is Life?

In order to answer this question, we need to look at the smallest particles

Paul Davies

Issue 74: IrrationalityArrow Head

Why humans are most irrational animal Bence Nanay

Why Humans Are The Most Irrational Animals

Our complex imagination makes us more irrational than other creatures

Bence Nanay

Why Do We Resist Knowledge? An Interview with Åsa Wikforss

Largely, because we have a crisis of trust, and knowledge needs trust

David Maclean

Deleuze and the Time for Non-Reason

According to the French philosopher, rationalism is an illusion

James R Williams

The Politics of Pleasure

Populism brings about joy to its supporters. But reason must contain them

Todd Gitlin

On Rationality and Nonsense

Nonsense poetry reveals that there is unhappiness in happiness, and irrationality in reason

Matthew Bevis
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Issue 73: What Must I?Arrow Head

Is morality objective Mackenzie Alexander

Is There An Objective Morality?

Morality is a form of social technology – it is context specific and can go out-of-date

What If There’s Nothing You Should Do?

You won’t believe the answer!

Bart Streumer

What Are Conspiracy Theories?

Behind every conspiracy theory is a hidden political agenda

Quassim Cassam

How Would David Hume Explain Our Political Divisions?

We are all governed by passions, and the opinions and feelings of those like us

Rachel Cohon

Can Politicians Be Moral?

Political morality should allow for rare dirty hands practices

Stephen De Wijze

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