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Issue 72: Being HumanArrow Head

does consciousness come in degrees

Does Consciousness Come in Degrees?

The answer depends on what you think consciousness is

William Lycan
Issue Article

Time Is What We Are – Uncertain

Time is subjective and always about a changeable past

Ronald Green
Issue Article

Hobbes vs Rousseau: Are We Inherently Evil or Good?

The answer depends on what you think of modern politics

Robin Douglass

Vices of the Mind

Intellectual arrogance not only deserves criticism, but is an epistemic vice that obstructs knowledge

Quassim Cassam
Ideas for Life

Issue 71: Sex and SexualityArrow Head

Helen Lewis Interview resize

Sex, Power and Influence: An Interview with Helen Lewis

Lewis discusses her new book, naked selfies and the feminism for all.

Helen Lewis
Issue Article

What Are Love and Sex? Eight Answers from Philosophy

From Michel Foucault to Martha Nussbaum, we've selected a range of ways of understanding sexuality and romance

IAI News Editorial Staff
Ideas for Life

Why Sexual Morality Doesn't Exist

To get back to enjoying sex, we need to rid ourselves of moralising definitions of what sex is and should be

Alan H. Goldman
Issue Article

On Being Naked and Having Sex

Nakedness the concept has vanished – it disappeared behind the American fear of nudity

John E. Portmann
Ideas for Life

Algorithms We Love By

Artificial Intelligence may offer a playful way out of our stale thinking on romance

Pavlo Shopin
Ideas for Life
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Issue 70: The Boring IssueArrow Head

guille alvarez 1197003 unsplash

The History and Politics of Boredom

Boredom isn’t a personal matter. It's the symptom of modernity

Elizabeth S. Goodstein
Ideas for Life

How We Think of Our Lives: Boredom in Contemporary Literature

‘Boring’ narratives challenge the way we understand experience and consciousness

Ralph Clare
Ideas for Life

Issue 70: The Boring Issue

Can boredom be interesting?


The Art of Boredom

Rather than an individual experience, boredom can be a philosophical key to understanding modern life

Andrew Bowie
Issue Article

When Boredom Becomes Stagnation: The Importance of Occupying the Mind

Philosophy can provide prisoners with the sense of growth essential to being human

Kirstine Szifris
Issue Article
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Issue 69: Artificial IntelligenceArrow Head

andy kelly 402111 unsplash

Issue 69: AI

Should we embrace AI or worry about it?

IAI News Editorial Staff
Issue Article

Where Is My Mind?: An Interview with Andy Clark

Is your smartphone a part of your brain? Andy Clark discusses his mind-expanding ideas.

David Maclean
IAI Thinkers

When a Robot Becomes Judge

Carl Miller warns about the hidden powers of algorithms

Carl Miller
Issue Article

Why We Shouldn't Be Scared of AI

Rather than being an agent, AI is statistics - a continuity of human intelligence

John Collins
Ideas for Life

Can Artificial Intelligence Give Our Lives Meaning?

Jobs will disappear, but our daily lives may also become more human

Ruth Yeoman
Issue Article
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