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Issue 69: Artificial IntelligenceArrow Head

andy clark iai thinker

Where Is My Mind?: An Interview with Andy Clark

Is your smartphone a part of your brain? Andy Clark discusses his mind-expanding ideas.

David Maclean
IAI Thinkers

When a Robot Becomes Judge

Carl Miller warns about the hidden powers of algorithms

Carl Miller
Issue Article

Why We Shouldn't Be Scared of AI

Rather than being an agent, AI is statistics - a continuity of human intelligence

John Collins
Ideas for Life

Can Artificial Intelligence Give Our Lives Meaning?

Jobs will disappear, but our daily lives may also become more human

Ruth Yeoman
Issue Article

Issue 68: The Good LifeArrow Head

alternative hedonism kate soper

Alternative Hedonism

Environmentalism can aim for both a ‘simpler’ and more pleasurable post-consumerist life

Kate Soper
Ideas for Life

What African Philosophy Can Teach You About the Good Life

Acknowledging how we constantly change each other can help us imagine better futures

Omedi Ochieng

Issue 68: The Good Life

Where can happiness be found?

Issue Article

Are You As Good As You Think?

Probably not. But the great news is that you can change this

Christian B. Miller
Issue Article

The Science of Good Sex: An Interview with Zhana Vrangalova

The psychologist explains the orgasm gap and how it can be overcome

Paula Erizanu
Issue Article
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Issue 67: The Agony and the EcstasyArrow Head

mwangi gatheca 709376 unsplash

The Agony and the Ecstasy

What role do bliss and ecstasy play in our personal and political lives? How do we navigate situations of extreme pain and torment?


The Ethics of Powerlessness: An Interview with Béatrice Han-Pile

How a new philosophy project aims to help transform care of terminally-ill patients

David Maclean

Why Eros and Illness Make Good Bedfellows

When we are ill, we can find our strongest lust for life. Medicine should consider this

David Morris
Issue Article

The Ecstasy of the Hyperreal in the Age of Trump

A Baudrillardian perspective on the war for attention on social media

Douglas Kellner
Ideas for Life

Issue 66: The Future of the Post-Work World Arrow Head

tom wells pic 1 edited

The Death of the 9-5

The robots are coming for our jobs. What will the workplace of tomorrow look like?

Thomas R. Wells
Ideas for Life

My Job, My Self: How Work Defines Us

Rather than serving our individual passions, work is essential to being human

Al Gini
Ideas for Life

Why You Should Hate Your Job

How the reality of employment is one of perpetual disappointment and the case against the work ethic

John Danaher
Ideas for Life

Post-Work Won’t Work

Instead, we should focus on improving the experience of work to solve the malaise around it

Nicholas Smith
Ideas for Life

Can Our Jobs Make Us Happy?

Contrary to the claims of Bertrand Russell, life is not just about being, but also doing

Stephen Mumford
Ideas for Life
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