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IAI Academy is a new educational platform offering courses from world-leading scholars on the ideas that matter. With a unique philosophical take on today’s biggest questions, our courses are made available online, to everyone, for free.

  • 290 Janne Teller
    Instructor(s): Janne Teller
    Have globalisation and online anonymity broken down moral order? What should guide our actions in the 21st Century? Author of Nothing and former UN conflict resolution expert Janne Teller explores.
  • 20151007 Duff Academy Ribbon
    Instructor(s): Michael Duff
    Categories: The Universe & Reality, Knowledge, Science & Method
    General relativity and quantum mechanics are the most successful theories in science. But at least one is wrong. Imperial's Michael Duff outlines why M-theory is our only candidate for an ultimate theory.
  • Markus Gabriel bigger
    Instructor(s): Markus Gabriel
    Categories: The Universe & Reality, Metaphysics & Language
    Can reality be described by a single theory? Does our failure to find a theory of everything expose the limits of knowledge, or might the world not exist at all? Philosopher Markus Gabriel explores.
  • Instructor(s): Rebecca Roache
    Categories: Ethics & Religion, Technology & Environment
    The New Tools of Justice
    What is happening to justice with the evolution of technology? Can technological advances be used ethically for the more effective punishment of crimes? Philosopher Rebecca Roache explores the future of justice.
  • 20151007 Everett Academy Ribbon
    Instructor(s): Daniel Everett
    Categories: Mind & Reason, Life & The Living, Culture & Sexuality, Psychology & The Brain
    Does the mind arise from the brain? Is the self a fantasy? American anthroplogist and linguist Daniel Everett interrogates our assumptions and questions if the self is made from more than just matter.
  • Instructor(s): Peter Cameron
    Categories: Technology & Environment , The World & The Future
    Secret Codes
    In a world awash with information, mathematicians are fighting to keep our data secure. Peter Cameron gives an outline introduction to the burgeoning field of cryptography and reveals where the weak links lie.
  • Instructor(s): John Ellis
    Categories: The Universe & Reality, Knowledge, Science & Method
    Why The World Exists
    Where did the universe come from? What don't we understand about its future? From dark energy to cosmic inflation, CERN's John Ellis gives a contemporary account of how it all began.
  • Chandran Kukathas
    Instructor(s): Chandran Kukathas
    Categories: Ethics & Religion, The World & The Future, Ideas & Ideology
    How should a free society accommodate cultural diversity? Should we tolerate the intolerable? Radical LSE political theorist Chandran Kukathas explores the tension at the heart of modern liberal society.
  • 20151007 Brogaard Academy Ribbon
    Instructor(s): Berit Brogaard
    Categories: Life & The Living, Culture & Sexuality, Psychology & The Brain
    Can love be rational? Are we ever in control? American philosopher of mind Berit Brogaard outlines her new theory of love and uncovers the simple truths about the most complex emotion.
  • Cukier
    Instructor(s): Kenneth Cukier
    Categories: Ethics & Religion, Life & The Living, Technology & Environment , The World & The Future, Psychology & The Brain
    Is AI humanity's savior, or do the threats outweigh its benefits? Best-selling author and Data Editor of The Economist Kenneth Cukier uncovers how to be prepared for the next phase of human evolution.
  • Instructor(s): Corine Besson
    Categories: Mind & Reason, Knowledge, Science & Method
    Rationality and Knowledge
    Is our knowledge of the world essentially rational? What does it mean to be burdened with the gift of rationality? Philosopher Corine Besson considers the nature of humanity's defining trait.
  • 20151007 Marletto Academy Ribbon
    Instructor(s): Chiara Marletto
    Categories: The Universe & Reality, Knowledge, Science & Method
    Is information fundamental to reality? Did the universe emerge from a bundle of bits? Oxford constructor theorist Chiara Marletto outlines the new theory which seeks to explain life, the universe and everything in it.
  • Instructor(s): Denis Noble
    Categories: Life & The Living, Knowledge, Science & Method
    The Music of Life
    Is the selfish gene metaphor radically misguided? Should we give up the idea that the gene is the foundation of life? Oxford biologist Denis Noble maps out the future for biology beyond the genome.
  • 20151007 Ladyman Academy Ribbon
    Instructor(s): James Ladyman
    Categories: The Universe & Reality, Metaphysics & Language, Knowledge, Science & Method
    We take it for granted that the quantum fields and particles exist. Metaphysician James Ladyman provides reasons to be skeptical about scientific knowledge. Is the evidence too strong to be denied?
  • 20151007 Carlisle Academy Ribbon
    Instructor(s): Clare Carlisle
    Categories: Ethics & Religion
    From Paris to Palestine, the perils of undying faith still hold the world hostage. When should we abandon our beliefs? KCL philosopher Clare Carlisle reinterprets Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling.
  • Instructor(s): Mark Vernon
    Categories: Mind & Reason, Psychology & The Brain
    All In The Mind
    Many see psychotherapy as an outdated and dangerous cure answer to mental illness. But do medical cures leave our inner lives unchanged? Author of Wellbeing Mark Vernon argues that we may be mistaken.
  • Instructor(s): Paul Dolan
    Categories: Ethics & Religion, Psychology & The Brain
    Manufacturing Happiness
    What is the essence of happiness? How can we affirm the world and ourselves? Behavioural scientist Paul Dolan presents his account of the nature of the good life and how we achieve it.
  • Instructor(s): Thomas Pogge
    Categories: Ethics & Religion, Ideas & Ideology
    Creating Global Justice
    Can we end world poverty by changing the way we trade? Director of Yale’s Global Justice Programme Thomas Pogge outlines new approaches to solving a global problem.
  • Instructor(s): Nancy Cartwright
    Categories: Knowledge, Science & Method
    Evidence and Ideology
    From drug laws to terror threats, we want political decisions to reflect the facts. But is objective evidence impossible and the facts ours to interpret? Philosopher Nancy Cartwright investigates.
  • Hamilton
    Instructor(s): Christopher Hamilton
    Categories: Ethics & Religion, Life & The Living, Ideas & Ideology, Art & Aesthetics
    If 'God is dead', what place does meaning and morality have in our lives? KCL philosopher and author of Living Philosophy Christopher Hamilton examines the perplexities of experience.
  • kaletsky provisional
    Instructor(s): Anatole Kaletsky
    Categories: The World & The Future, Ideas & Ideology
    Many thought the financial crash was a final blow to capitalism. Why does it still reign supreme? Chair of the Institute for New Economic Thinking Anatole Kaletsky outlines the shape of things to come
  • End of Equality
    Instructor(s): Beatrix Campbell
    Categories: Ideas & Ideology, Culture & Sexuality
    Has neoliberalism destroyed gender equality? Advocate, author and broadcaster Beatrix Campbell examines the emergence of a new model of patriarchy and proposes solutions.
  • John Ellis verified2
    Instructor(s): John Ellis
    Categories: The Universe & Reality
    The microscopic quantum world of fermions and bosons is a far cry from the grand expansion of the universe, yet they are connected. CERN’s John Ellis offers an account of what physicists do and don’t know.
  • Instructor(s): David Nutt
    Categories: Mind & Reason, Psychology & The Brain
    The Science of Psychedelics
    What impact do psychedelic drugs have on the brain? What does research show about their potential for use? Psychiatrist David Nutt examines the evidence behind some common misconceptions.
  • Steve Fuller verified2
    Instructor(s): Steve Fuller
    Categories: Ethics & Religion
    Does it make sense to ask for a meaning to life, and if so what might it be? Philosopher and Auguste Comte Professor at Warwick, Steve Fuller approaches the ultimate Why?
  • The History of Fear
    Instructor(s): Frank Furedi
    Categories: Ideas & Ideology
    We are less familiar with pain and suffering than our ancestors, yet new forms of fear play an ever-expanding role in 21st century life. Sociologist Frank Furedi asks why.
  • Instructor(s): Stanley Fish
    Categories: Narrative & Reality, Metaphysics & Language
    The Pursuit of Truth
    Can the truth ever be told? If knowledge is radically limited by the words we use, what are we left with? American literary theorist Stanley Fish reveals the fundamental imperfections of language.
  • Veronique Mottier verified2
    Instructor(s): Véronique Mottier
    Categories: Culture & Sexuality
    What is sexuality and how does it reflect power relations within society? Award-winning Cambridge sociologist Véronique Mottier provides a provocative cultural history.
  • Instructor(s): Kwasi Kwarteng
    Categories: The World & The Future, Ideas & Ideology
    After The Empire
    What are the dangers of a world with no superpowers? Historian and politician Kwasi Kwarteng examines imperialism today and looks ahead to envisage the future of the world's order.
  • Eleanor Knox verified2
    Instructor(s): Eleanor Knox
    Categories: The Universe & Reality, Metaphysics & Language
    We live in the moment. Or so it might seem. King’s College philosopher of physics Dr Eleanor Knox reveals how Einstein’s work has radical implications for past, present and future.
  • David Tong verified2
    Instructor(s): David Tong
    Categories: The Universe & Reality
    What’s left to discover at the deepest levels of reality? Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge David Tong gives his personal take on what we still don’t know.
  • Instructor(s): Thomas Pogge
    Categories: Ethics & Religion, The World & The Future
    Healing The World
    Are global illnesses a product of our moral blindness? How could we put an end to suffering? Director of Yale's Global Justice Programme Thomas Pogge outlines his solution to the problem of world health.
  • Mark Vernon verified2
    Instructor(s): Mark Vernon
    Categories: Ethics & Religion
    What’s at the heart of the conflict between science and religion? Can it be solved? Philosopher and author Mark Vernon answers one of modernity’s most complex problems.
  • Richard Bentall verified2
    Instructor(s): Richard Bentall
    Categories: Mind & Reason, Psychology & The Brain
    Clinical Psychologist Richard Bentall challenges nine myths of schizophrenia accepted by mental health professionals and proposes a more humane, scientific approach to care.
  • Instructor(s): Stephen Neale
    Categories: Metaphysics & Language
    Language, Truth and Deception
    Can the words we use convey what we intend? How does the nature of language explain the power of propaganda and rhetoric? Philosopher Stephen Neale explores the meaning of meaning.
  • Mark Rowlands verified2
    Instructor(s): Mark Rowlands
    Categories: Ethics & Religion
    Do we radically misclassify animals? University of Miami Professor of Philosophy Mark Rowlands challenges the boundaries between humankind and animals as minds and moral agents alike.
  • Instructor(s): Dierdre McCloskey
    Categories: The World & The Future, Ideas & Ideology
    The Ideas Economy
    Have we misunderstood the drivers of progress? Could the ideas economy rather than capital be responsible? Economist Deirdre McCloskey argues that ideology makes the world go round.
  • Peter Cameron verified2
    Instructor(s): Peter Cameron
    Categories: The Universe & Reality
    From Zeno to Gödel, philosophers and mathematicians have grappled with the infinite. Prize-winning mathematician Professor Peter Cameron proposes that infinity itself may be an illusion.
  • Finn Mackay verified2
    Instructor(s): Finn Mackay
    Categories: Ideas & Ideology, Culture & Sexuality
    What goals should modern feminists adopt? “World-changing woman” (Guardian) and founder of the London Feminist Network Dr Finn Mackay outlines a bold new manifesto.
  • Instructor(s): Andrew Bowie
    Categories: Art & Aesthetics, Music & Performance
    The Truth in Beauty
    Might the realm of art be an essential vehicle of truth? Can art reveal dimensions of reality lost to science and philosophy? Philosopher and musician Andrew Bowie argues for the necessity of the aesthetic.
  • Instructor(s): George Ellis
    Categories: The Universe & Reality, Metaphysics & Language
    Our Place in the Universe
    Does physics allow free will? Templeton Prize winning cosmologist George Ellis presents his account of what chance, necessity and purpose in the universe mean for agency.
  • Instructor(s): John Heil
    Categories: The Universe & Reality, Metaphysics & Language
    The Universe As We Find It
    Didn’t science kill philosophy? By rethinking metaphysics, University of Washington Professor John Heil uncovers why the greatest problems in philosophy and science may have been an illusion.
  • Instructor(s): John Cottingham
    Categories: Ethics & Religion
    The Future of Belief
    Has our scientific age outgrown religion? Is faith still an essential component of human existence? Philosopher and theologian John Cottingham argues for the importance of religion in the modern world.
  • Instructor(s): Frank Wilczek
    Categories: The Universe & Reality, Knowledge, Science & Method
    Harmony and Balance
    From Dark Energy to Quantum Gravity, the cosmos remains mysterious. How should we approach the puzzles that remain? Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek argues that, in science, beauty will lead us to truth.
  • Instructor(s): Bryan Roberts
    Categories: The Universe & Reality, Knowledge, Science & Method
    Unveiling Reality
    Are there mysteries that science cannot explain? Do we still need philosophy in order to understand the universe? Physicist Bryan Roberts explores the limits of our greatest source of knowledge.
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