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IAI Academy Award

The IAI Award 

IAI Awards are given in Philosophy, Politics, Science and Art.  Within these areas you can specialise.  They are designed to demonstrate an understanding of contemporary thinking in the relevant field.  Ideas are alive and evolving; at the edge there is rarely consensus. The IAI award focuses on these new, and sometimes conflicting ways of thinking and reflects the changing character of thought.

How it Works 

To apply for an IAI Award you will need to have passed a sufficient number of verified Academy Courses in the relevant field. Once you have received 30 credits from IAI Academy Courses in the field you will be eligible to take an assessment for an IAI Award.  Those who pass the assessment will receive the IAI Award.  Find out more about the credit system below.

Academy Course Credits

In order to be eligible for the IAI Award you will need to have achieved 30 credits from Verified IAI Academy courses in your chosen field.

Credits from Academy courses are awarded on the following basis:

1  Credit for completion;
3  Credits for a Pass            (50% or above)
4  Credits for a Merit           (75% or above)
6  Credits for a Distinction  (92.5% or above)

You will therefore become eligible for an IAI Award with distinctions from five Verified IAI Academy courses.

The IAI Exam 

The Assessment takes the form of two essay questions on your specialist subject which are completed at a given time and completed within a given period.  Assessments can be taken in person at the IAI's annual event HowTheLightGetsIn, or in an online environment where your identity has been verified.  When you are eligible and would like to sit for an award you should contact the IAI and we will provide you with further information regarding the award and sample questions so that you can prepare.  Anyone is entitled to sit for an IAI Award providing they have achieved the relevant number of credits from verified IAI academy courses. 

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